My mother was living alone, not eating right or taking her pills. We knew she was lonely but she refused to leave her home. After she ended up in the hospital, she finally agreed to look at a few places. The Mount View staff and the people living there were so friendly and made her feel welcome. She decided to give it a try and has never looked back. She has so many new friends and when we come to visit, she’s never in her room.   Mount View is home to her now.

Marianne W.

We needed to find a place for both mom and dad. Dad has some dementia and mom was taking care of him at home until she fell and broke her arm. We were so relieved to find an assisted living home that could accommodate a married couple and accepted Medicaid. Now mom can play cards with the girls while our dad is involved in other activities. They really love the food and everyone treats them like family. My sisters and I are very grateful to all the staff at Mount View.

Kent S.