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The building and name Mount View have a long history in Niagara County.  The journey began in 1917 as one of the first tuberculosis hospitals in the country – to a full medical hospital – and later, Mount View Nursing Home.  


 Today Mount View has re-emerged as a newly renovated 150 capacity assisted living residence.  Preservation of this building’s history remains important to us as we also look towards the future.

“About fifteen years ago my grandmother Carmela was given two weeks to live. As Executive Director of Development for a multi-facility senior care provider, I could not get her into a skilled nursing bed in our entire system. I was able to get her a temporary bed in a rehab unit and after two days there, the doctor saw improvement and ordered rehab. Three weeks later I was able to move her into an Enriched Housing residence that we had just built. She disowned me because she thought I was putting her in a nursing home. That Enriched Housing was 35 miles from her home and it was the closest. It was close to my work and our family visited as much as possible.

My Grandmother had macular degeneration so we purchased her a computer with a large screen and ordered I-books for her. But she wanted to know more about computers so the facility enrolled her in a computer class at Buffalo State College and provided transportation. Two years later she received an associate’s degree in computer science at 84 years of age! Not bad for a lady with two weeks to live.

Six months before she died she told me ’If I had told my father that I was going to grow up to live in a hotel like Marilyn Monroe with a driver, a cook, a hairdresser, a housekeeper and a nurse who looked after me, he would have told me that I was crazy. But that is exactly what you did for me.’ Allowing everyone to experience what my grandmother had is my passion for Assisted Living for everyone.

Over 20 years of developing facilities for my previous employer, I put ALP (Assisted Living Program) beds, or moved ALP beds, into as many buildings as possible. Now that I am the Managing Partner of my own company, my commitment to assisted living is as strong as ever. My vision is to provide a home for 150 seniors and have every one of them feel like Marilyn Monroe.”

~ David Tosetto

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My mother was living alone, not eating right or taking her pills. We knew she was lonely but she refused to leave her home. After she ended up in the hospital, she finally agreed to look at a few places. The Mount View staff and the people living there were so friendly and made her feel welcome. She decided to give it a try and has never looked back. She has so many new friends and when we come to visit, she’s never in her room.   Mount View is home to her now.

Marianne W.

We needed to find a place for both mom and dad. Dad has some dementia and mom was taking care of him at home until she fell and broke her arm. We were so relieved to find an assisted living home that could accommodate a married couple and accepted Medicaid. Now mom can play cards with the girls while our dad is involved in other activities. They really love the food and everyone treats them like family. My sisters and I are very grateful to all the staff at Mount View.

Kent S.

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